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For many years COUNSELING ASSOCIATES therapists have provided counseling to individuals, couples, children and families assisting with:

If we have a specialty, it is in assisting clients who seek us out or who have been referred to one of us by their attorney—pursuant to an impending divorce. Some of our therapists are parenting coordinators, some are divorce coaches in a collaborative divorce, one conducts custody evaluations when asked to by the Court, and occasionally we are called upon to evaluate a couple at the request of the Court as to their suitability for a rotating custody designation by the Court. We are also familiar with parental alienation and its harmful effects. No one understands the family and its needs and strengths better than our therapists.

You may be wondering if divorce is the right choice for you. Maybe you are dealing with a surprise separation that you did not see coming, or the discovery of an affair. Maybe you want to participate in couples therapy to save your marriage.

If divorce is ultimately your choice, you may be wondering about your child or children and the impact on them. We are keenly aware of the potential harm that may befall children of divorce. We know that the majority of families navigate the divorce process with a minimum of harm. It hurts. And, it does not have to leave scars.

We also know that there is a direct correlation between the level of conflict between the parents and the long-term emotional damage to the children. We can assist you to identify and prepare as well as you can for the emotional issues that are likely to trip you up. We are skilled at assisting divorcing parents with communicating more effectively with each other as co-parents, while helping you to plan for your life as a newly single person.

To that end we offer NEW BEGINNINGS to parents who have been divorced or who are recently divorced and find that their conflict is not abating and they realize it is harming their children!

Participants may ENROLL ONLINE.

If you wish to speak with one of us,

call 352.378.0900; ask for Ruth (extension 13).

This is a 16-hour intensive course devoted to changing the hostility to civility. Upon completion, you and your children's other parent will communicate/negotiate more effectively and your children will love it. You may take this class as a result of the order of a Judge in the Family Court, as a referral by your Parenting Coordinator, or at the recommendation of your family therapist or your attorney. It may be the best thing you have done for your family in a long time

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